CNC Laser Cutting

We proud to offer the most advanced CNC laser cutting services available today, with every aspect of the work performed right here in our state-of-the-art Utah machinist shop.

The Machine Connection uses laser technology to cut sheet metal and other materials, as a flexible alternative to traditional fabrication. With our available in-house design options and value-added service, you can rely on quick turnaround, exceptional quality and the lowest possible cost.


CNC Laser Cutting Advantages

Laser cutting using CNC technology offers a number of clear advantages, as compared to more traditional methods of metal fabrication.

Because the process is automated using state-of-the-art technology, precision, repeatability and consistency are ensured. The process is fast and highly cost effective, with the close tolerances you demand.

And, because the laser only heats a small area of the metal surface, we can reduce distortion and unwanted hardening of the metal.

Laser cutting facilitates highly complex or detailed designs and customization. The CNC laser brings unparalleled accuracy to the production process but, because production is truly hands-off, the cost is amazingly low as compared to the precision quality result.

Options for CNC Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting technology allows us to work materials in a variety of thicknesses, for both metal and non-metal applications.

Our highly automated processes work as well with heavy gauge stainless steel as we do with less sturdy materials, including polymers and plastics. Because our processes are highly scalable, we can reverse-engineer a single replacement part, create a working prototype or do a full production run.

We can work with carbon steel, aluminum, copper, composites, acrylics, and more. Our laser cutting experts can also recommend materials to help improve your product while reducing costs.

Whether you need industrial components, brackets or a more artistic result, our equipment ensures that your designs will be flawlessly executed and delivered to you in the shortest possible time.

Local Machining and CNC Laser Cutting

The Machine Connection is a full-service CNC machining shop, located in Northern Utah. Our integrated services and experienced machinists allow us to met our customers’ most challenging needs.

Simply send us your design electronically in a CAD file. We will prepare a quote and have it back to you ASAP, typically within one day. Then, based on your needs and urgency, we can put your project into production as soon as you’re ready.

With a strong commitment to individualized customer service, you can rest assured that your project will receive the attention it needs to ensure high quality, responsive delivery and the lowest possible price.

Whether you need a prototype, a one-off replacement component or full production run, contact us today for a project quote. We look forward to helping you with all of your CNC laser cutting, milling and turning needs.